Students and Postdocs

wdt_ID Name Homepage Department PI or Lab Position Research Interests
1 Arevalo, Rafael Other Center for Wood Anatomy Research Postdoc
5 Chevrette, Marc Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and Dept. of Plant Pathology Jo Handelsman Postdoc Secondary Metabolism, Microbial Genomics, Computational Biology, Chemical Ecology
8 Cordova, Jaime Genetics Nicole Perna Grad evolution, astrobiology, genome level response to stress
10 da Silva Ribeiro, Tiago Integrative Biology Pool Lab Grad Population Genetics, Adaptation, Demographic History
13 Duncritts, Nora Botany Anne Pringle Grad Fungal evolution and ecology
15 Frayer, Megan Genetics Payseur Grad hybridization and speciation
16 Gentry, Savannah Botany Pringle Lab Grad Fungal pathogens
19 Gotting, Kirsten Genetics Cameron Currie Grad Evolution, ecology, diversification.
20 Hall, Robert Genetics Schoville Lab Undergrad Evolution, ecology, biodiversity and conservation. Applications of evolutionary theory.
24 Huisman, Kelsey Botany Dr. Kenneth Cameron and Dr. Anne Pringle Grad
28 Krabbenhoft, Sam Medicine Grad Modeling tumor growth and metastasis using evolutionary principles
31 McAllester, Christopher Genetics Grad
34 Nell, Lucas Integrative Biology Anthony Ives Grad Evolutionary ecology and genome evolution
35 Nolte, Mark Genetics Payseur Postdoc Adaptive evolution; Genomic patterns of adaptive evolution; developmental biology
41 Sain, Melody Botany David Baum Grad Evolution, Genomics, Plant Sexual Systems, Plant Sex-Determination
42 Stratton, Jered Genetics Payseur Grad Adaptation, Complex Traits, House Mice
45 Vincent, Lena Botany David Baum Grad Origin of life; Astrobiology
48 Deaven, Katherine Philosophy Grad philosophy of biology, general philosophy of science
49 Setton, Emily Integrative Biology Sharma Lab Grad Evolutionary-Developmental Biology, Macroevolution, Evolvability, Phylogenetics
51 Crandall, John Genetics Hittinger Lab Grad Yeast; Molecular Genetics; Evolution
52 Rogers, Emelia Entomology Schoville Lab Undergrad Genetic variation in alpine beetles; genetics of stress responses; impacts of global change
54 Schmidt, Kathryn Bacteriology Trina McMahon Grad Microbial ecology and evolution
55 Sasser, Trey Integrative Biology Weber Lab Grad Evolution of parasite resistance in sticklebacks
56 Melde, Rob Genetics Sharp Grad Evolution of mutation rates
57 Diaz, Juanita Integrative Biology Lee Grad Microbiomes, copepod population genetics
58 Bao, Kevin Genetics Sharp Lab Grad Rates and consequences of mutations in yeast
59 Salamzade, Rauf Medical Microbiology & Immunology Kalan Lab Grad Evolutionary inference of factors underlying microbial community dynamics and interactions
61 Kerns, Emily Integrative Biology Weber Lab Grad Evolution of natural populations, adaptation genomics, epigenetics, plasticity, eco-evolution
62 Dong, Dahn-young Integrative Biology Schoville Lab Grad Landscape genomics
63 Sardina, Joseph Genetics Currie Lab Grad Evo-devo and the origin of symbioses
64 Child, Myron Genetics Grad Evolution, speciation, adaptation, sexual selection, reproductive isolation
65 Du, Zhenyong Integrative Biology Lee Lab Postdoc Comparative Genomics, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Adaptation
66 Al-Oboudi, Jassim Genetics Hittinger Lab Grad Fungal ecology and evolution
67 Frankel, Lauren Botany Ané Lab Grad Phylogenomic methods, systematics
68 Solin, Bryce Integrative Biology Weber Lab Grad Coevolution / parasite evolution
69 Taylor, Ebony Entomology Schoville Lab Grad Human-driven evolution of behaviors, phenotypes and genes; conservation ecology
70 Zito, Patricia Integrative Biology Lee Lab Grad Bioinformatics, molecular evolution
71 Disanayaka, Tara Genetics Sharp Lab Undergrad mutation rates, sexual selection, yeast mating types
72 DiNicola, Alexa Botany Sytsma Lab Grad Plant systematics, species complexes, hybridization & apomixis, Great Basin sky islands
73 Ubbelohde, Emily Genetics Hittinger Lab Grad Fungal ecology and evolution
74 Mcdonough-Goldstein, Caitlin Integrative Biology Lee Lab Postdoc Sex determination, sexual development, plasticity, reproduction, queer theory
75 Anderson, Nathan Integrative Biology Ragsdale Lab Grad Diffusion theory
76 Sokolskyi, Tymofii Botany Baum Lab Grad Astrobiology; origins of life; early evolution of life
77 Feng, Siyuan Genetics Pool Lab Grad Local adaptation; regulatory evolution; population and functional genomics
78 Walston, Joseph Botany Kenneth Cameron Grad Systematics, evolution, taxonomy, and morphology of South American pitcher plants Heliamphora
79 Lemaire, Jacqueline Genetics McMahon and Perna Grad Microbial evolution and genetics; specifically bacterial populations in freshwater environments
80 Lawrence, Kadee Genetics Pepperell Grad Experimental evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis biofilms
Name Homepage Department PI or Lab Position Research Interests