Joining the Crow Institute allows you to vote in elections and become involved in governance of the institute. There are two kinds of membership.

Rolling membership is open to anybody with a UW-Madison appointment. Membership needs to be renewed annually.

Continuing membership is for “permanent” faculty or staff, and does not need to be renewed annually. Continuing membership is granted by the Institute’s Executive Committee (this has already been granted to most faculty and staff listed on the people pages). To request continuous membership complete the form below and send a brief paragraph explaining your connection to evolutionary research to the current Director.

Remember: You don’t need to be a member to join the email list (and becoming a member does not automatically put you on the mailing list)

Crow Institute Membership

To start or renew your membership of the Crow Institute, please fill out the information below. Faculty and staff members who have been granted continuing membership of the Crow Institute by the Executive Committee do not need to renew their membership using this form.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 5.
  • An email will be sent to this address when you hit 'Submit'.
  • Membership can only be renewed using this form for individuals with a currently active UW NetID. If you do not have a UW NetID, but are in Madison and wish to affiliate with the institute, please contact the director to learn more about applying for affiliate status.
  • If you are in several departments, please indicate the one you feel is your primary department. If you selected "other" please list your primary department or unit below. A box will appear as you select "other".
  • You can indicate a few keywords, or provide a short description of your interests. Limited to 100 characters. This will appear on the Crow Institute directory.
  • A link to your website will be included in the Institute directory