Educational Resources

Virtual Labs, Lab Tours, and Research Videos:

Currie Lab at UW Madison: Research on Fungus-Growing Ants

Maeda Lab at UW Madison: Discovering Differences in Plant Pigments

Insect Ambassadors at UW-Madison:

Hittinger Lab at UW-Madison: Non-Transitive Fitness Interactions in Yeast

Sharp and Wellik Labs at UW-Madison: The Dual Nature of Mutation

Pringle Lab at UW-Madison: Fungi!

Hawks Lab at UW-Madison: Human Evolution Introduction

Hawks Lab at UW Madison: Virtual Lab Activities in Biological Anthropology

Pool Lab at UW-Madison: Local Adaptation and Reproductive Isolation in Drosophila melanogaster

Sharma Lab at UW-Madison: Macroevolution of Arachnids

Schoville Lab at UW-Madison: Molecular ecology

Solis-Lemus Lab at UW-Madison: Plant pathology


Classroom activities about evolution

Tree Thinking with the Clade Race and Pipecleaners

An activity about tree thinking and how it is possible to use character traits to reconstruct evolution. Great for all ages!

Tree Thinking resources

DNA Sequence Evolution

DNA Sequence Evolution Simulation and Phylogenetic Reconstruction Using Pen, Paper and Dice

Insect identification quiz
Created by the Schoville Lab

Single-player (versus bots)

Multiplayer. Click Play as Guest, then Classic Mode. One player must “host” the game and will not be able to answer unless they connect on a second device. Other players join this multiplayer game by entering the game PIN of the host at