Staff, Emeritus Faculty/Staff, and Others

wdt_ID Name Homepage Department Research Interests
1 Albantakis, Larissa Other Psychiatry Simulated evolution of artificial organisms equipped with neural networks
2 Aliota, Matthew Pathobiological_Sciences Evolution and transmission dynamics of arthropod-borne pathogens
3 Batzli, Janet Biology Core Curriculum science education; ecology, genetics, evolution education
4 Becker, Patricia Nursing
5 Bownds, Deric Zoology Structure, function, and evolution of the human brain
6 Bukhman, Yury Other Morgridge Institute for Research Molecular evolution of mammalian body size and developmental clock mechanisms
7 Burgess, Ann Biology Core Curriculum Science education
8 Calderón, Claudia Irene Horticulture genetics of domestication, phylogenetic analyses, conservation biology
9 Christensen, Megan Botany Eukaryogenesis, symbioses, origin of life, experimental evolution
10 Claude, Philippa Zoology
Name Homepage Department Research Interests