Natural Selections

Natural Selections is a reading group for discussing recent and fundamental research papers pertaining to evolutionary genetics.

Time: For the Fall 2021 semester we will meet in person every other Monday at 12:00 PM. Our first meeting is Oct. 4.

Location: Room 1360 in the Biotechnology Building.

To join the mailing list go to Note: those who responded accordingly on our initial survey should already be members of this group (make sure to use the  google account corresponding with the email you replied with).

Contact: Reach out to Emma Howell with any questions or to propose future readings.

Structure: Group members will sign up to choose papers and present a brief summary at the meeting. A broad range of papers are potentially appropriate for this reading group, but (a) please review the paper yourself first to ensure it is a good choice, and (b) consider choosing papers with a good level of detail, i.e., not just from Nature/Science.


PDF files of these papers can be found on Box.

Fall 2021:

Oct. 4. Buffalo V (2021) Quantifying the relationship between genetic diversity and population size suggests natural selection cannot explain Lewontin’s Paradox. eLife;10:e67509.

Oct. 18. Ågren JA (2021) Sewall Wright’s criticism of the gene’s-eye view of evolution. Evolution 75:2326-2334.

Nov. 1. Reddy G and Desai MM (2021) Global epistasis emerges from a generic model of a complex trait. eLife 10:e64740.

Nov. 15. Barghi N and Schlotterer C (2020) Distinct patterns of selective sweep and polygenic adaptation in evolve and resequence studies. Genome Bio. Evol. 12:890-904.

Nov. 29. Kinsler G, Geiler-Samerotte K and Petrov DA (2020) Fitness variation across subtle environmental perturbations reveals local modularity and global pleiotropy of adaptation. eLife 9:e61271.

Dec. 13.